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Rigid PCB board

Rigid PCB board

Rigid PCB is a kind of Printed Circuit Board, and is the largest number of PCB manufactured. It is made of solid substrate material, which can effectively prevent the distortion of the circuit board. Perhaps the most common rigid PCB is the computer motherboard. The motherboard is a multi-layer PCB designed to distribute power from the power supply while allowing communication between all components of the computer, such as CPU, GPU and RAM.

Rigid PCB can be used in any position where the PCB itself needs to be set to a shape and maintained during the remaining life of the equipment. Rigid PCBs can be anything from simple single-layer PCBs to eight or ten-layer multi-layer PCBs.

Rigid PCB and Flexible PCB are totally different. One is flexible and the other is rigid. Therefore, their application scenarios are different. In addition, there are Rigid Flex PCB. There are similarities between them. However, all rigid PCB have single-layer, double-layer or multi-layer structure, so they have common application scope. 

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